crazy flash fiction

Through the underbrush he peaked at the sun through half open eyes. There were leaves all over his chest. The fresh rain made him smell like the forest around him. How long had be been under here?

The fox hurtled over a log by his foot, showing itself for an instant as its color vanished into the greenery. The light broke through and he launched to his feet. He ran toward the whirlwind of flying colors for what seemed like miles, out of the trees and the green and into a place where everything was bare.

Darkness fell, was this nighttime again? He lay down in this big empty place and closed his eyes, and he saw her messy blonde hair. It was crazy, he felt suddenly drunk with happiness. Her hand found his and they leapt towards a pile of blankets. She had been away for so long.  Was this one of her games? It felt warm and lovely in those blankets.

They jumped again and his feet met the sun and the sand and the waves kicked up around his bare white ankles. Her hair fluttered and she was looking at a swirling seashell, it looked like morning. In an instant the color faded and his hand was grasping her tiny fingers, she yearned so badly to stay. He wanted to be carried off with her, into the ocean with big blankets and pillows and a little rowboat to lay in for the rest of their lives. They both knew it was time again, he begged, pleaded no. Her hair turned dark and her eyes ominous, he cried out for her to stay another day and night. He would rather die. He knew he couldn’t take care of her, he never could.

The afternoon light shimmered around her darkness. She handed him a plate of spaghetti and cookies and her eyes seemed to lighten as he smiled. His pleading futile, he slurped up a noodle. They were just one person. The empty space looked different as the sun set today. All the other guys would never believe this place. The fox skipped by proudly, flaunting its auburn tail at him. He chased this fox into the dark green depths, chasing those moving colors as the morning crept in. What they had would never last.

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