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Isn’t it great to feel happy when those around you are happy?

I have a friend who is sort of seeing a new girl and he has been gushing about her every chance he gets. He deserves someone really great and I couldn’t be happier for him right now. It just makes me smile when he lights up about his day and makes jolly facebook status updates about how good life is.

It’s a nice change from seeing some debbie downer post about how unfair/sucky/miserable life is. Because it’s not. Not in the grand scheme of things. Sure, we all have those days when everything goes totally 100% wrong and we just want to go to sleep to end the chaos of the bad day. It happens. And some days we feel like a million bucks and we see rainbows and the sky is bluer and we appreciate the breeze on our face. I like to see those days, and if I can’t see them, I’m quite happy to have a friend of mine feel it.

Our view at night!

A very cool shark

In the AM, a pretty sight!

I’m feeling really good lately. Las Vegas was a blast! We visited Ben’s family and had a wonderful night laughing with each other and I love his family and I love getting to know them more every time I see them. We got a great hotel room overlooking the strip and the beautiful Bellagio fountain. We had our own show every hour to watch! I loved it. We went to the Mandalay Bay shark reef aquarium and saw some really amazing fish, sharks, jellyfish, you name it. We both were really into it:) We walked around the strip and saw lots of interesting sights and people and shops. On Saturday night we went to the ball and had a really nice time. I love seeing all the Marines in their dress blues uniform, and all the girls dressed up. We ate and drank and cracked jokes and even danced a little bit. It was lovely.

A lovely weekend overall! We actually both had to work on Sunday afternoon so it seemed like Vegas was very far away by then, but we made it through and we used Monday as a much needed rest and relaxation day.

But life feels good. I still have some off days, and some days where I can’t explain why I feel down or just not myself. But mostly I feel great. Loved, happy, independent, well rounded, healthy, and content.

Aaaand, next week is Ben’s birthday, so we will have some celebrating to do!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Remember to really appreciate your wonderful happy days, and to be happy for a friend when they have theirs.