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Vegas Vegas! Yea yea!

Happy Thursday!

I haven’t had much that has inspired me to write a post lately…but I really hate not posting so I’ll try and keep it interesting! Well, me and Ben are going to Las Vegas tomorrow! The Marine Corps Ball is being held there this year at the Planet Hollywood Hotel. How exciting!!!

Last year it was in San Diego on the Midway, and we got all fancied up (I had a floor length gown and everything), and went to the ball. I met lots of his buddies and their girlfriends and the more higher up guys too. It made me laugh a little because they all just call each other by their last names all the time, and at the ball I think some of them wanted to introduce one another with their first names but no one knew them. But that’s how it goes I guess.

After the ball we went to our hotel room (yes, he is a keeper and sprung for a room in SD even though we live 45 min away) and we changed out of our fancies and into comfy stuff and strolled around Little Italy. It was also on Halloween weekend last year so we people watched a lot at the various costumes. It was such a fun night and this weekend will be just as much fun I imagine if not more πŸ™‚

We’re staying for 2 nights and I can’t wait to just hang with him for a few days and make stupid jokes and take a little road trip together and not worry about anything. Oh, and I’m really stoked to get dressed up and look fancy hehe!

After the weekend its back to reality as the last stretch of school is upon us. With our school transfer applications in for next fall, all we are doing is waiting to see the results! Another very exciting time.

Birthdays and holidays are coming very soon too, I couldn’t be more happy! I love to bake and decorate and buy gifts for everyone and I get to see my mom and step dad and dog in December for Christmas!!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This post really has no point or purpose other than to make a post and tell you all that I haven’t forgotten you!

What are some plans that you are excited about in your future?

Thanks for reading!! Have a great weekend.