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Turkey Day!

Hey everyone! I am terribly sorry to have disappeared these past few weeks.

There comes a time during every semester when I feel like slacking off. It is a REALLY bad habit I know. It only lasts about a week, but it happens to us all I think. Not to the point where I fall behind, just enough that I do what I’m supposed to and leave it at that.

But in turn, I slack in other areas too. Like my blogging, my running, my fundraising…yeah. And with Ben’s birthday and then my birthday right after his, I just wanted to be on break and have fun. Well it was all very fun!! I am now a 20 year old woo! And turkey day was really fun with lots of family and pie and turkey and pie and little cousins and more pie!

I went and saw the new The Muppets movie on my birthday because A. they are so cute! and B. Jason Segal is in it and he is one of my favorite funny guy actors. And it was such a great movie. Some really cute songs! And it is so nice to see kermit and friends again. 🙂 whether you have kids or not, I recommend it for everyone for a feel good time.

My running is going pretty good, though I am not running every day like I should. BUT I can still do the longer distances with the team so I feel like I’m keeping up. I’m up to 8.7 miles!!! Running the whole time!!! I am so proud of myself and of everyone running with me. The fundraising aspect is not as easy however. I still need to raise around $1,000. But I am currently setting up a fundraising event in December, an Ugly Sweater Christmas party at a restaurant in San Diego. We are going to have a raffle, prizes, games, baked goods, photo booths, etc. AND best of all a percentage of all the food and drink will go towards my and several others fundraising efforts!! I am really stoked for the event, though still working to get some raffle items ready.

I was also thinking I would do a rummage sale in January to raise more money. I am going to ask around to all my friends and anyone I know to give me their old stuff they don’t want and we’ll sell it all and all the proceeds will go towards my goal! Still needs some planning but I think it could work pretty good.

On top of all that, school only has about three weeks left until winter recess. So I have final projects and speeches and tests to worry about. I hope I can handle it all. I feel like I have a lot on my plate lately, and I’m all for being busy, but I think the stress of it is getting to me more and more so I will be so relieved when I get some more fundraising done and this fall semester finished as well. Then it’s vacation! And Utah skiing and Christmas day with my family and glorious fun times.

I’m going to put up my link again to my fundraising page HERE in hopes of some of you readers having a looksie and maybe donating!


Well, it is quite weird to have a Saturday night off of work, so weird that I am home blogging 🙂 I will leave you all with warm wishes that your holidays were good and that you enjoy the rest of your weekend!