What’s my age again?


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So it'll be a little crispy on the edges....

So…I need to learn to cook.

I know, I KNOW my mom will be reading this saying “I told you so Leah you stubborn girl, if only you’d spent a little more time in the kitchen with me and a little less in front of that computer screen.” Or something along those lines maybe. But yes, I have a few simple recipes I can make…a stir fry…chicken enchiladas…salad…cereal…ha okay so it’s a short list. I guess I have to try simple yet satisfying dishes and work my way up. I need to learn how to grocery shop efficiently and effectively as well. I don’t want to go to the store every day, but I can’t spend a fortune in one shopping visit. I guess I could, but then I feel so badly afterwards, buyers remorse even if it’s to feed myself!

Sigh. Living on your own gives you so many new doors to go through, some you’d rather just keep shut and locked to collect more dust, others you’ll go bounding through without hesitation.

I got flustered the other night because I realized I don’t know how to do everything as good as my mom can on my own. Actually, I can’t even do a 1/4 of the things she can, but then I thought hey, I’m only 19, she has had much more time on this planet to figure out how to do everything so great. I’ll get there! Baby steps. : ) And while being only 19 can sometimes make me feel quite young in comparison to my many friends who are 21+, I have to stop thinking like that. I guess when can’t have something, it seems so shiny and amazing and you want it now now now. And then once you’ve got it, maybe the shine goes away and you realize you were never really missing anything. I don’t know, just a thought. I’m sure lots of people would kill to be 19 again anyways, so I better embrace it. Maybe by the time I’m 21, I’ll know how to cook much better than my 23 year old friends! haha! Victory will be mine.

Well, off to bed now, more grand adventures and lessons to be learned soon I’m sure. : ) thanks your all of your support everyone!


Week 1: in the life of a college apartment dweller


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worries going down with the sunset : )

Hello my lovely and amazing followers! Updates are here! I have officially lived in my new apartment with my new roomies for a week! And I have to say, it is going pretty good. My room is all put together, minus a desk I want to find and get, some thumbtacks, and shelves. But it looks great I think! Also, I am beginning to get closer with my new roommates, who are so sweet and who always involve me in plans they make, aside from going out on the town which I am too young for, but no worries there, I’ll have my time! I digress. Anyway, they are very sweet, open, fun loving girls who are just as laid back as I am.

I went grocery shopping, filled my cupboards with my main staples to keep me going for the week, bought some more decorations/needs for my room. It has been a big change living in a new city, with new people, away from my comfort zone, but I feel so happy about it. Right now I’d say my life is exactly where I have wanted it to be for quite some time.

Right now me and my two roomies are all sitting around our kitchen table chatting and getting to know each other more, sharing stories, laughing, and having a nice little Sunday night. It still keeps feeling like all these new experiences are going to keep piling up, but I think for now everything is going to start slowing back to a normal everyday kind of pace : )

Right now in school, I’m learning all kinds of interesting new communications skills, whether it be public speaking, or video editing, I feel like I have definitely chosen the right field of study. I feel happy to go to school an learn in my classes and apply what I know.

Not too long ago I’d been feeling a little low as far as my self esteem was concerned. I was feeling unpretty, undesirable, and just overall not good enough. Not so much that I was depressed or anything, just a lack of confidence was bringing me down for reasons unknown to me. I always have had the most supportive and loving people in my life, and my family, friends, and boyfriend are no exception to that. I think it was due to the general unknown-ness of my life. I had no idea what my future was going to hold, with school or living situations or work, and it made me feel like everything was out of my control, and in turn I felt a lack of confidence in myself.

Nowadays however, I feel really truly great about myself. I have a solid plan, I know what’s going on in my life for at least the next few months to a year, I have a job I really like and make good money at, and it is all reflecting in my overall happy demeanor and outlook on life and on myself. I’m also signing up to train and run a half marathon in January! It’s for a great cause, I will have more info up once I get all signed up and I will explain all! So I will get in great shape, make new friends, and help a good cause. Life’s good. With me at peace with my inside self and now my outside, I couldn’t be happier!

Thanks again to all of you who follow me and give me great feedback and encouragement. I appreciate it immensely and look forward to reading more of your blogs and posts and responding back!  What’s new in your life? What ways do you have in coping with any low confidence issues? What inspires you?

Have a fantastic week everyone!

A big day!


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Hey everybody : )

Stack those boxes! It's moving day!

Sorry for the measly one post a week…I feel so lame. But it’s been crazy busy lately! That’s always my excuse…sigh. Well tonight I am reflecting on my life again. Tomorrow morning I’m moving into my new apartment (yay!) with two other roommates, in a great complex, awesome amenities, pretty much everything is great!

But I’m still feeling all kinds of emotions. Excited, scared, anxious, curious, expectant, hesitant… I lived on my own for a year in my schools dorms. I would hardly call that being on my own though, because of the constant other person living in the shoebox with you, and the meal plan that allows you to still delay learning how to cook, the always being surrounded by other peers and never feeling “lonely”. I think this will be the first time I am actually living on my own. So many new things! I have to do my own grocery shopping, which I’m really excited about.( I’ve been grabbing coupon books from my usual grocers hehe) I can work out at the gym at the complex! I can drive to school in five minutes. I can actually walk to the store and to starbucks!

But moving out and into a new city, means moving away from my comfort zone. I’m excited for it, but nervous. I’m moving away from my home town friends, and my boyfriend, my dad, my usual hangouts..I mean I’m not more than a half hour drive away, but it’s still not the same as hopping in the car and driving down the road to get to someone’s house in a matter of minutes.

But I like to think I will thrive being put in a new situation. I’m thrilled to be housing with two great roommates who I can get to know better and maybe even create a great friendship with. I can’t wait to gain some more independence in my life and become more confident on my own two feet and with my own self. I like the feeling of becoming more adult, even if it is just baby steps at a time. There is so much good to look forward to in it all, I shake my head that I was so worried about it before. Because there’s no point in looking at a prospective negative aspect of some situation, if it is just “prospective.” I won’t know until I just go for it, and until then I have the highest hopes possible.

So moving day tomorrow, but probably not much unpacking because I have to work in the afternoon, and all weekend. Monday will be my unpacking day, and I can’t wait to lay back in my newly put together room and open my windows and feel at home, in my new home.

I’ll keep ya’ll posted as the week goes by, happy weekend!!

The tech savy in us all


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So lately, I’ve been immersed/ immersing myself in many new tech/social/multimedia things, through my school, my class assignments, and my own curiosity of the web and it’s many tunnels of wonder.

Today, while doing my Multimedia 100 online class, I browsed our discussion board for students to share interesting websites/events that might relate to our class. I also browsed our ongoing glossary made by us students to brush up on some new words, (by some new words I mean a lot, I feel like I’m learning the alphabet again reading all these crazy words and meanings.)

I decided to do some searching of my own for some podcasts via iTunes that could be useful for my fellow students. I found a great one about social multimedia, networking, and various other sites/applications on the web. I listened to the entire hour of it and was pretty intrigued.

The two hosts of the podcast began talking about reddit.com, a much loved website that will entertain and enlighten for hours on end. They also touched on Google +, a new social networking site launched from Google, and that got me thinking how my Google + account lay dormant even though I was invited to it a good month and a half ago.

So I logged on and updated my pictures, info, etc.  I then realized I hadn’t updated my twitter in a while, so I logged in to that and scrolled around and retweeted a good post. Then I checked my facebook and stalked/updated like usual. Then I remembered my blog was in need of a new post!

By the end of all of this listening, learning, and updating I felt so technologically savvy and smart. In reality..I think I am just scratching the surface on anything tech/social related. But we all have to start somewhere. Anyways, it’s all just so fascinating to me as a student interested in this field, and as a consumer in this day and age.

As for my weekend, it was full of work, sleep, eat, repeat. But with Monday as our unofficial date day, me and Ben went out to lunch and had some great food and conversation : ) Homework eventually followed, but I am enjoying all of the subject matter so far, so no complaints for me. Life is good! Have a great week ya’all.

Jeremy and Richard do “the twitch” (via Transmission – BBC Top Gear)


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Off of TopGear’s blog: “The Twitch”. Who doesn’t love Jeremy Clarkson?

Jeremy and Richard do “the twitch”   Not much to say about this really, other than it made us laugh – a lot – when Jeremy starts headbanging halfway through. Thanks to youtube member SU83FIN for your editing and musical skills, and if anyone’s got anything funnier or weirder than this (preferably to do with Top Gear in some way), send […] … Read More

via Transmission – BBC Top Gear

My heart’s a stereo


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So let’s talk about loooove, heh and life and happiness and how it all can come together so harmoniously we actually think we did something right in life. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately : )

So as many of you know, and many of you don’t know either, I made some big changes in my life over these past few months because I wanted more than anything to change the quality of my life. I’ve always been an all around pretty happy person, with a general positive and upbeat outlook on most things. Last year was different though. I was in a bad place and felt so alone, even though I was surrounded by people. I had my family supporting me and thousands of my peers surrounding me on a daily basis at school, and I still felt like I was so lonely and invisible. I tried to bring myself to be social and get out, meet new people and friends and not stay in my room watching netflix marathons to distract myself from my real feelings. But my efforts were in vain and I eventually spent all of my time by myself, wallowing in my own misery and throwing pity parties for myself on a daily basis. Not my best moments.

When I came back to California for the summer, it was as if the last year had been a dream, or a nightmare really. I felt alive again, reawakened and so happy. I saw that, no matter what anyone else thought of my decisions, at the end of the day it’s going to be me who is happy or unhappy, not those other people judging my decisions. And ever since I have been living with the sole purpose of doing what is best for me, and for my well being. I know that there are those who support me but don’t agree with me, and that’s okay. Life is like that. And we still have to love those around us even if they are making decisions we don’t necessarily care for. (unless we’re talking about hard drugs or alcohol or violence, then it’s time for an intervention).  And I have to say that I have not been this happy and this pleased with where my life is at in a very long time. Everything has fallen into place just the way the world wanted it to, and I am just going along enjoying the ride. My mom is always the woman with the plan, a five year plan and a ten year plan, and she is amazing at achieving all of her goals. But for now, my plan is to see what happens tomorrow and the next day and just keep living the way I want to, and we’ll see where I’m at next week : )

I also wanted to share this song with you (the title of this post). It’s just a catchy maroon 5 song but I like it, maybe you will too!

Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend, or during it


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Blisters, tired feet, sore muscles…and I’m so happy about it!

Let me explain 🙂 I had my first weekend of work as a banquet server. Not the most difficult job, but lots of lifting, running around  and carrying heavy trays of food or glasses. Every day this weekend was 95+ degrees and we work outside in an outdoor venue, so everyone was hot hot hot, but we all managed to hang in there and I actually had a good time meeting all my co-workers, learning about serving and banquet events and what to do/not to do. I got home last night after three long hot days and was quite exhausted, but happily exhausted. I had worked hard, gave it all of my attention and effort, and I know I’m going to be rewarded this Friday with my first paycheck. Hallelujah! So the blisters and the sore arms and the heat don’t bother me one bit right now 🙂 And I am going to enjoy this high while it lasts because I’m positive in about 2 more weeks I’m not going to have quite the same outlook, but here’s to hoping so.

So today me and Ben both had the day off from school and work, so we went to see the movie Our Idiot Brother (only 12 bucks for two tix!) starring the ever charming Paul Rudd as Ned, the hippie, happy, eternally positive minded man who, while good hearted, occasionally makes some unwise choices, however good his intentions might have been. With his three sisters there to help him get back on his feet after a short stint in prison, (where he was voted “most cooperative inmate four months in a row”), the story unfolds into a heartfelt and oddly hilarious movie that will have you grinning and possibly wanting to become an organic farmer or a candle recycle-er. I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. It has a great cast, a great script, and a good message. It doesn’t delve too deep into the audience’s emotions, but enough to make it a light breezy comedy perfect for your day off. And who doesn’t love Paul Rudd? He has yet to disappoint in my opinion.

What are you planning on this weekend? What are you working for so you can unwind on your day off?

So…work, movies, back to the grind tomorrow? Yep! Have a good week everybody. Remember to remember the little things, that’s what it’s all about.

The art of being…


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Five Star Dining ala Top Ramen

As a college student, I, among my many other college student friends/peers are well acquainted with being poor, without large sums of money, or even small sums to be honest. Since leaving high school and entering a more independent state of mind, my parents have been very generous with financial help, as well letting me live at home where there is always a full pantry, water, electricity, and cable! free of charge for me.

This new school year, I’m moving out and into an apartment shared with other students, and I’m terrified. I start my new job this weekend, but what if it’s not enough? And if most likely so, how can I pinch my pennies to the fullest? What if I starve after the first two weeks?  And here we are back to the art of being poor.

I went grocery shopping today for just a few items to take for my school lunches and feed me when I get home from school. 12 packs of Top Ramen, 8 generic cracker packs, and 10 yoplait yogurts. Ok, so maybe they’re not the most nutritional items, or even the most filling, but for 11 dollars I felt like I got a lot of bang for my buck! A friend of mine suggested coupons and doing bulk shopping at the beginning of the month, and I like that idea. I would say after a paycheck I would try and use that money as smart as possible and buy the necessities while I still had the money.

Another idea I had was asking my boyfriend’s mom if she would cook her amazing and delicious spaghetti. She always makes such huge portions that there is enough left over for another week’s worth of spaghetti dinners. (and maybe lunches and even breakfasts if we’re desperate). And now as I’m writing I’m thinking I will ask her to show me how to make it and get a shopping list together and make it myself! My lack of cooking experience will hopefully not hinder this plan. Or it will and the pasta won’t turn out right, but I’d still eat it all week.

I hope to be able to budget out my month’s expenses once I get a paycheck or two and see how much I’ll be bringing in, and go from there. It’s exciting, scary, overwhelming, and fun all at once. Do any of you have some great money saving tips for a college student like myself? What do you do? Favorite meal to cook under 10 dollars? I’m eager to gather as much knowledge as I can so please speak up! That’s all for now! Thanks all.

August 22nd 2011, new new new!


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So, as this summer is coming to a close, and many changes have been made in my life, my blog will be taking a bit of a turn in a new direction! Sorry for any of you who follow and have been looking at the same blog posts for several months now, summertime was a big transition time for me, and I didn’t feel like I was going to be writing anything good during that time of flux. But now things are starting to get on a new path, new job, an internship!, a new school, and new outlooks on life and love and happiness. So hopefully the posts will be coming out at least once or twice a week again, it feels very good to get writing on this again. And I somehow still have a follower or two, and I thank those of you very much for sticking with me and this blog.

“Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you”

– Marsha Norman

Peanut Butter


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So today I made some peanut butter cookies from scratch. After I added as much of the peanut butter as I could, while making a mess of course, I gave my dog the spoon to lick. It was the funniest thing in the world to watch. She licked it so clean she could probably see her reflection, and then she kept smacking her lips and rolling her tongue over her nose over and over because it was so sticky, and she had a big dollop of it on her snout. I laughed for about 10 minutes while I watched her. It just lit up my day. And she just kept looking up at me wondering why I was giggling.

I guess I’ve just been thinking so much lately about what it means to be happy, how to pursue and achieve happiness, and how to make it last. And it’s obviously right in front of me, staring at me covered in peanut butter. Or my best friends back home skyping me and us laughing with each other so easily. Or some sweet text messages from my boyfriend that tell me I’m being thought of. It’s my mom showing me a silly and ridiculous youtube video and us laughing over it. I think maybe I’m searching too hard for it when it’s always right next to me.

I’m sure everyone’s life could be tweaked in some way or another, and we all wish we could get everything we wanted and that our worlds were perfect. They aren’t though, maybe that’s the fun in it, or the challenge. Or the simplicity of it. We all have to work with what we got, and not worry so much about what we don’t.