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Hello all! I am up at an early 8 am (early for me!) and am about to go on my daily run. My progress has been monumental already in my opinion. I am running approximately 3-3.5 miles a day, and last Saturday I ran 5.5! I feel myself getting into better shape and I love feeling those endorphins when I finish my run. But with all this new activity, I am requiring much more fuel and much more sleep. I’m finding myself sleeping 11 1/2 hours a night if I allow myself! And eating many times a day to stay energized.

It’s been an adventure already and it’s only October. I am so happy I decided to train for the Half Marathon though, it has already made my life even better. But now I need to focus on my fundraising goal. Again, to all those reading, please Click Here to DONATE to my fundraising efforts to help me cross the finish line in January and to help those in need of a voice when it comes to sexual violence and assault.

Well, short post I know but I gotta run! (hehe I am so witty)

Have a fantastic day ya’ll. Bake some cookies, watch a movie, hang with family and friends, be happy!