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Hey ya’ll!

This week has been great. Some eye opening experiences and some great communicating has led to better relationships and a healthier life. So great!

I also went running tonight with some girls who are on my training team for the half marathon. It was really great to run with other people, so much more motivating and fun. We got through forty minutes of running no problem. I really feel like I am getting stronger with my endurance and my muscles after running almost every day. I am going to try and bump up the mileage to about four miles soon and see how that goes.

I feel very motivated and pumped! My fundraising page is still looking a little weak, but I am eager to get some fundraising projects in the works. Click Here To Donate!

Any ideas about fundraising? So far, I have a list of

– Car Wash

– Tennis Tournament that takes donations, raffles off prizes

– Dinner party with a cover charge

– Bake sale

So…I will get going with these ideas but I really appreciate any other thoughts or ideas.

School is going good, though I had the most difficult project in my graphic communications class. I wanted to pull my hair out every single class working on this thing. My final piece is not very good in my opinion, but is a vast improvement from my very first project. I just wanted it to be better, but time ran out. Oh well, next project will be the best! We are going to be working with green screens and inserting ourselves in an already existing movie trailer. So cool!!

Work is great, same as usual. Payday this Friday yay!

I hope everyone is having a great week and I hope I inspire you to get pumped and get happy! Life is good.