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So it'll be a little crispy on the edges....

So…I need to learn to cook.

I know, I KNOW my mom will be reading this saying “I told you so Leah you stubborn girl, if only you’d spent a little more time in the kitchen with me and a little less in front of that computer screen.” Or something along those lines maybe. But yes, I have a few simple recipes I can make…a stir fry…chicken enchiladas…salad…cereal…ha okay so it’s a short list. I guess I have to try simple yet satisfying dishes and work my way up. I need to learn how to grocery shop efficiently and effectively as well. I don’t want to go to the store every day, but I can’t spend a fortune in one shopping visit. I guess I could, but then I feel so badly afterwards, buyers remorse even if it’s to feed myself!

Sigh. Living on your own gives you so many new doors to go through, some you’d rather just keep shut and locked to collect more dust, others you’ll go bounding through without hesitation.

I got flustered the other night because I realized I don’t know how to do everything as good as my mom can on my own. Actually, I can’t even do a 1/4 of the things she can, but then I thought hey, I’m only 19, she has had much more time on this planet to figure out how to do everything so great. I’ll get there! Baby steps. : ) And while being only 19 can sometimes make me feel quite young in comparison to my many friends who are 21+, I have to stop thinking like that. I guess when can’t have something, it seems so shiny and amazing and you want it now now now. And then once you’ve got it, maybe the shine goes away and you realize you were never really missing anything. I don’t know, just a thought. I’m sure lots of people would kill to be 19 again anyways, so I better embrace it. Maybe by the time I’m 21, I’ll know how to cook much better than my 23 year old friends! haha! Victory will be mine.

Well, off to bed now, more grand adventures and lessons to be learned soon I’m sure. : ) thanks your all of your support everyone!