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worries going down with the sunset : )

Hello my lovely and amazing followers! Updates are here! I have officially lived in my new apartment with my new roomies for a week! And I have to say, it is going pretty good. My room is all put together, minus a desk I want to find and get, some thumbtacks, and shelves. But it looks great I think! Also, I am beginning to get closer with my new roommates, who are so sweet and who always involve me in plans they make, aside from going out on the town which I am too young for, but no worries there, I’ll have my time! I digress. Anyway, they are very sweet, open, fun loving girls who are just as laid back as I am.

I went grocery shopping, filled my cupboards with my main staples to keep me going for the week, bought some more decorations/needs for my room. It has been a big change living in a new city, with new people, away from my comfort zone, but I feel so happy about it. Right now I’d say my life is exactly where I have wanted it to be for quite some time.

Right now me and my two roomies are all sitting around our kitchen table chatting and getting to know each other more, sharing stories, laughing, and having a nice little Sunday night. It still keeps feeling like all these new experiences are going to keep piling up, but I think for now everything is going to start slowing back to a normal everyday kind of pace : )

Right now in school, I’m learning all kinds of interesting new communications skills, whether it be public speaking, or video editing, I feel like I have definitely chosen the right field of study. I feel happy to go to school an learn in my classes and apply what I know.

Not too long ago I’d been feeling a little low as far as my self esteem was concerned. I was feeling unpretty, undesirable, and just overall not good enough. Not so much that I was depressed or anything, just a lack of confidence was bringing me down for reasons unknown to me. I always have had the most supportive and loving people in my life, and my family, friends, and boyfriend are no exception to that. I think it was due to the general unknown-ness of my life. I had no idea what my future was going to hold, with school or living situations or work, and it made me feel like everything was out of my control, and in turn I felt a lack of confidence in myself.

Nowadays however, I feel really truly great about myself. I have a solid plan, I know what’s going on in my life for at least the next few months to a year, I have a job I really like and make good money at, and it is all reflecting in my overall happy demeanor and outlook on life and on myself. I’m also signing up to train and run a half marathon in January! It’s for a great cause, I will have more info up once I get all signed up and I will explain all! So I will get in great shape, make new friends, and help a good cause. Life’s good. With me at peace with my inside self and now my outside, I couldn’t be happier!

Thanks again to all of you who follow me and give me great feedback and encouragement. I appreciate it immensely and look forward to reading more of your blogs and posts and responding back!  What’s new in your life? What ways do you have in coping with any low confidence issues? What inspires you?

Have a fantastic week everyone!