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Hey everybody : )

Stack those boxes! It's moving day!

Sorry for the measly one post a week…I feel so lame. But it’s been crazy busy lately! That’s always my excuse…sigh. Well tonight I am reflecting on my life again. Tomorrow morning I’m moving into my new apartment (yay!) with two other roommates, in a great complex, awesome amenities, pretty much everything is great!

But I’m still feeling all kinds of emotions. Excited, scared, anxious, curious, expectant, hesitant… I lived on my own for a year in my schools dorms. I would hardly call that being on my own though, because of the constant other person living in the shoebox with you, and the meal plan that allows you to still delay learning how to cook, the always being surrounded by other peers and never feeling “lonely”. I think this will be the first time I am actually living on my own. So many new things! I have to do my own grocery shopping, which I’m really excited about.( I’ve been grabbing coupon books from my usual grocers hehe) I can work out at the gym at the complex! I can drive to school in five minutes. I can actually walk to the store and to starbucks!

But moving out and into a new city, means moving away from my comfort zone. I’m excited for it, but nervous. I’m moving away from my home town friends, and my boyfriend, my dad, my usual hangouts..I mean I’m not more than a half hour drive away, but it’s still not the same as hopping in the car and driving down the road to get to someone’s house in a matter of minutes.

But I like to think I will thrive being put in a new situation. I’m thrilled to be housing with two great roommates who I can get to know better and maybe even create a great friendship with. I can’t wait to gain some more independence in my life and become more confident on my own two feet and with my own self. I like the feeling of becoming more adult, even if it is just baby steps at a time. There is so much good to look forward to in it all, I shake my head that I was so worried about it before. Because there’s no point in looking at a prospective negative aspect of some situation, if it is just “prospective.” I won’t know until I just go for it, and until then I have the highest hopes possible.

So moving day tomorrow, but probably not much unpacking because I have to work in the afternoon, and all weekend. Monday will be my unpacking day, and I can’t wait to lay back in my newly put together room and open my windows and feel at home, in my new home.

I’ll keep ya’ll posted as the week goes by, happy weekend!!