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So lately, I’ve been immersed/ immersing myself in many new tech/social/multimedia things, through my school, my class assignments, and my own curiosity of the web and it’s many tunnels of wonder.

Today, while doing my Multimedia 100 online class, I browsed our discussion board for students to share interesting websites/events that might relate to our class. I also browsed our ongoing glossary made by us students to brush up on some new words, (by some new words I mean a lot, I feel like I’m learning the alphabet again reading all these crazy words and meanings.)

I decided to do some searching of my own for some podcasts via iTunes that could be useful for my fellow students. I found a great one about social multimedia, networking, and various other sites/applications on the web. I listened to the entire hour of it and was pretty intrigued.

The two hosts of the podcast began talking about reddit.com, a much loved website that will entertain and enlighten for hours on end. They also touched on Google +, a new social networking site launched from Google, and that got me thinking how my Google + account lay dormant even though I was invited to it a good month and a half ago.

So I logged on and updated my pictures, info, etc.  I then realized I hadn’t updated my twitter in a while, so I logged in to that and scrolled around and retweeted a good post. Then I checked my facebook and stalked/updated like usual. Then I remembered my blog was in need of a new post!

By the end of all of this listening, learning, and updating I felt so technologically savvy and smart. In reality..I think I am just scratching the surface on anything tech/social related. But we all have to start somewhere. Anyways, it’s all just so fascinating to me as a student interested in this field, and as a consumer in this day and age.

As for my weekend, it was full of work, sleep, eat, repeat. But with Monday as our unofficial date day, me and Ben went out to lunch and had some great food and conversation : ) Homework eventually followed, but I am enjoying all of the subject matter so far, so no complaints for me. Life is good! Have a great week ya’all.