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So let’s talk about loooove, heh and life and happiness and how it all can come together so harmoniously we actually think we did something right in life. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately : )

So as many of you know, and many of you don’t know either, I made some big changes in my life over these past few months because I wanted more than anything to change the quality of my life. I’ve always been an all around pretty happy person, with a general positive and upbeat outlook on most things. Last year was different though. I was in a bad place and felt so alone, even though I was surrounded by people. I had my family supporting me and thousands of my peers surrounding me on a daily basis at school, and I still felt like I was so lonely and invisible. I tried to bring myself to be social and get out, meet new people and friends and not stay in my room watching netflix marathons to distract myself from my real feelings. But my efforts were in vain and I eventually spent all of my time by myself, wallowing in my own misery and throwing pity parties for myself on a daily basis. Not my best moments.

When I came back to California for the summer, it was as if the last year had been a dream, or a nightmare really. I felt alive again, reawakened and so happy. I saw that, no matter what anyone else thought of my decisions, at the end of the day it’s going to be me who is happy or unhappy, not those other people judging my decisions. And ever since I have been living with the sole purpose of doing what is best for me, and for my well being. I know that there are those who support me but don’t agree with me, and that’s okay. Life is like that. And we still have to love those around us even if they are making decisions we don’t necessarily care for. (unless we’re talking about hard drugs or alcohol or violence, then it’s time for an intervention).  And I have to say that I have not been this happy and this pleased with where my life is at in a very long time. Everything has fallen into place just the way the world wanted it to, and I am just going along enjoying the ride. My mom is always the woman with the plan, a five year plan and a ten year plan, and she is amazing at achieving all of her goals. But for now, my plan is to see what happens tomorrow and the next day and just keep living the way I want to, and we’ll see where I’m at next week : )

I also wanted to share this song with you (the title of this post). It’s just a catchy maroon 5 song but I like it, maybe you will too!