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Blisters, tired feet, sore muscles…and I’m so happy about it!

Let me explain 🙂 I had my first weekend of work as a banquet server. Not the most difficult job, but lots of lifting, running around  and carrying heavy trays of food or glasses. Every day this weekend was 95+ degrees and we work outside in an outdoor venue, so everyone was hot hot hot, but we all managed to hang in there and I actually had a good time meeting all my co-workers, learning about serving and banquet events and what to do/not to do. I got home last night after three long hot days and was quite exhausted, but happily exhausted. I had worked hard, gave it all of my attention and effort, and I know I’m going to be rewarded this Friday with my first paycheck. Hallelujah! So the blisters and the sore arms and the heat don’t bother me one bit right now 🙂 And I am going to enjoy this high while it lasts because I’m positive in about 2 more weeks I’m not going to have quite the same outlook, but here’s to hoping so.

So today me and Ben both had the day off from school and work, so we went to see the movie Our Idiot Brother (only 12 bucks for two tix!) starring the ever charming Paul Rudd as Ned, the hippie, happy, eternally positive minded man who, while good hearted, occasionally makes some unwise choices, however good his intentions might have been. With his three sisters there to help him get back on his feet after a short stint in prison, (where he was voted “most cooperative inmate four months in a row”), the story unfolds into a heartfelt and oddly hilarious movie that will have you grinning and possibly wanting to become an organic farmer or a candle recycle-er. I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. It has a great cast, a great script, and a good message. It doesn’t delve too deep into the audience’s emotions, but enough to make it a light breezy comedy perfect for your day off. And who doesn’t love Paul Rudd? He has yet to disappoint in my opinion.

What are you planning on this weekend? What are you working for so you can unwind on your day off?

So…work, movies, back to the grind tomorrow? Yep! Have a good week everybody. Remember to remember the little things, that’s what it’s all about.