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Five Star Dining ala Top Ramen

As a college student, I, among my many other college student friends/peers are well acquainted with being poor, without large sums of money, or even small sums to be honest. Since leaving high school and entering a more independent state of mind, my parents have been very generous with financial help, as well letting me live at home where there is always a full pantry, water, electricity, and cable! free of charge for me.

This new school year, I’m moving out and into an apartment shared with other students, and I’m terrified. I start my new job this weekend, but what if it’s not enough? And if most likely so, how can I pinch my pennies to the fullest? What if I starve after the first two weeks?  And here we are back to the art of being poor.

I went grocery shopping today for just a few items to take for my school lunches and feed me when I get home from school. 12 packs of Top Ramen, 8 generic cracker packs, and 10 yoplait yogurts. Ok, so maybe they’re not the most nutritional items, or even the most filling, but for 11 dollars I felt like I got a lot of bang for my buck! A friend of mine suggested coupons and doing bulk shopping at the beginning of the month, and I like that idea. I would say after a paycheck I would try and use that money as smart as possible and buy the necessities while I still had the money.

Another idea I had was asking my boyfriend’s mom if she would cook her amazing and delicious spaghetti. She always makes such huge portions that there is enough left over for another week’s worth of spaghetti dinners. (and maybe lunches and even breakfasts if we’re desperate). And now as I’m writing I’m thinking I will ask her to show me how to make it and get a shopping list together and make it myself! My lack of cooking experience will hopefully not hinder this plan. Or it will and the pasta won’t turn out right, but I’d still eat it all week.

I hope to be able to budget out my month’s expenses once I get a paycheck or two and see how much I’ll be bringing in, and go from there. It’s exciting, scary, overwhelming, and fun all at once. Do any of you have some great money saving tips for a college student like myself? What do you do? Favorite meal to cook under 10 dollars? I’m eager to gather as much knowledge as I can so please speak up! That’s all for now! Thanks all.