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At the Oceanside Pier, beautiful day!










The downfall of a long distance relationship is the after effects of a great visit. Your mind tends to play tricks on you, I think, because you get in the mindset of living day to day having your significant other by your side. And you get used to it so quickly, you almost forget that it’s just a vacation, not reality. So when it comes time to say goodbye, it’s hard to process it all at first.

It’s the days that follow that the processing occurs.
That’s where I’m at right now. I thought after I left that I was all good, and finally getting the hang of bouncing back and being okay with it all. I was really busy with school and catching up on assignments I barely had time to think about it. And then as soon as I stopped for a few moments, I seemed to have hit a wall. People on online support forums for LDRs call it PVD, post visit depression. That sounds a little extreme to me, but there is always some sadness after the fact. I always have at least one or two days of feeling really crappy and alone etc etc. But by day three I’m usually ready to climb out of my pit of self misery and see the day again. And I’m at day three! I got up this morning and put on some good music and cleaned my room, finally unpacked, did some work, and finally looked out my windows to see that the world is still moving along just fine.

I know some people in LDRs that take much much longer to get over the bad feelings. Some take weeks! Granted, I am not perfect and I still definitely have my very bad days in between, but the good days definitely outnumber the not so good. So there’s something.

My visit was amazing as well. We went to the beach a few times and soaked up some lovely rays of sun, had a make up valentines day that was very sweet and romantic, and we saw lots of friends and family. I couldn’t have asked for anything better out of the trip, except maybe that it be a little longer : )

So today, I updated my facebook status to be “positivity is the only way to turn things around”. I’m setting my mindset to positivity and happiness and making lemonade out of lemons…well you get the idea.

Ben walking down through sunset cliffs