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I am having this recurrent feeling that I am getting owned by school . It’s constantly on my mind, the nagging thoughts that even after studying for 2 hours, I still feel like I’m falling behind. And then moments like right now, sitting in the library, when I’m blogging instead of studying for my communications exam. But I can’t neglect my blog : )

How can I study here anyways, with this guy sitting near me talking on the phone with his fiance, I presume, discussing wedding invitations and florists. I’m not eavesdropping, well not intentionally. But I can’t shut my ears! I may have to move down to the scary silent deep depths of the school library to get some serious work done. That kind of silence can only be handled for so long before you feel like your a castaway on an island of books. I digress.

No wonder I’m feeling owned by my workload. I’m too busy people watching. I love watching those chemistry or physics students who sit in the study rooms and write on the glass walls, all these complex equations and numbers and molecules everywhere. It’s like Good Will Hunting up in there. The sleeping students in the study booths or the egg chairs that are shaped way to comfortably to do any real work in, (I know from experience.) those people just make me smile. I know they probably had the same 5 hours of sleep last night, maybe even due to noisy housemates that wake up at 6 am banging around the dishes and dropping bowling balls in the room above… but maybe that’s just me.

Oh, I was right! Fiance and guy sitting across from me have finally figured out what paper company to go with to make the invitations. I wonder where they will get the cake? Ha.

…So not in the mood to do real work. But, in order to visit my boyfriend this weekend without substantial piles of work awaiting me there, I need to get cracking. Yay for visiting! So in the mean time, do work…avoid getting the vicious cold that has been infecting my household, and presto, hello weekend, hello wonderfulness!

I’m going to the quiet place now…the dark side of the eh, library. I don’t think cell phones even work down there..

Signing off.


Update: Moments after writing this, my Dr. Pepper spilled all over my papers and notebook. The universe is laughing at me now. And I’m still procrastinating further to write this, I’m tempting fate now hahaha