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You look at the pictures and the letters and the messages and you smile. You remember every moment, like your first time to the zoo together, when the gorillas beat their chests and banged on the glass in front of you, or when you spent the whole day watching movies on the couch together, or when you had your first fight. When you watched Lord of the Rings and you fell asleep at your favorite part and he laughed, and when he scoops you way too much ice cream, and when you can’t finish it, he’ll help you out. When he brings you donuts or your favorite candy to the airport when he picks you up, because it’s your favorite and he always does things like that for you. When you put on the pretty dress and he smiles at you and says how lovely you look.  The first time you took him skiing and he loved it and loved it with you. The first birthday he spends with you, and he makes it so special when no one else even notices that it’s your birthday. When you went to the fair and ate every unhealthy thing there, like oreo covered cheesecake or artichokes and butter or ice cream sundaes. You remember when you had to leave, again. You remember the first time he said I love you, and how everything seemed to stop and you couldn’t even form words because of how he makes you feel. You remember everything, through the photos and the memories that you cling to.

Our gorilla friends at the San Diego Zoo

A day in summer

Playing in the trees 🙂

I think I remember almost everything. Every smile he has, every hug and kiss and tickle, every hello and goodbye, dinners and movies and drives in the car. I love to remember, especially on days and nights when I feel lonely, scared, sad, or just not myself. The only thing I want to do is make more memories and take more pictures and do what we do best.
And I heard this song All we can do is Keep Breathing, by Ingrid Michaelson, and I thought it fit, with everything. No matter what happens in life, that’s all we can really can do. (it’s a great song too, check it out)