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Feeling cynical about the commercialized day of love lurking around the corner? I think there’s a club for those that share the feeling. I’ve seen it in movies, on TV, in real life. Some people just hate the day of looove and all things pink, flowery, and heart shaped. They even throw parties to celebrate the anti-valentine day. There’s the appropriate love stinks! movies to watch: Click Here!

even an E-how page on how to celebrate not being down with the L word. Yahoo! answers has plenty of suggestions to make your party really unlovely too.

Where has the love gone people?!

Actually, I was one of those people. And no, I didn’t go through some awful horror story of a Valentines day, no post traumatic stress over here. I do love candy and cupcakes and heart shaped things, stuffed animals and getting a valentine from the boy in your second grade class who pushed you in the sandbox and you adore him anyway. Sure their have been some nasty breakups in my past, but nothing to make me believe that love doesn’t exist (I’m a believer!). Maybe it was the over commercialized idea of the day, the buying of things and the lacy underwear and the cheesy hallmark cards (which I actually love, ha!) I don’t know why, but I believed that having one day out of the year to show somebody you love them was just a load of crap.

And then came Ben. Birds singing! Fireworks flying! Rainbows crowding the sky!
Okay no, not really.

But truthfully, he did change me. As discussed in a previous post, our first visit as a long distance couple was on Valentines Day, (under post First Visit) and it was kind of a disaster. Of course we enjoyed our time, but I thought that weekend reaffirmed the idea that Valentines Day was not all its cracked up to be. I was the cynic.

But, our next visit, in March during Spring Break, the days went by like a lovely dream and everything was perfect. I was utterly happy and love filled just to be with him and spend time together. As our visits continued to come and go, I realized that every visit was a Valentines Day, or how it was supposed to feel according to the TV commercials. Every visit we had, I was treated like a queen and had so much love sent my way, I was just astounded. I was living the dream. And in between visits, he tells me he loves me every day, and how special I am, how happy we are. (sappy I know 🙂 )

So I guess I believe every girl deserves to be treated like its Valentines Day every day. Of course, work and school and problems and, well, life gets in the way of remembering to give all of your love every single day of your life. So maybe V-day is the greatest holiday ever, a reminder to be cheesy and sappy to say hey, I care about you!

One of the few perks of our long distance relationship, it’s Valentines Day every time I see him.
We won’t be together this 14th, but the weekend afterwards. But even if it was the middle of September it would be just lovely and happy as if it were on February 14th.


A Valentine treat...even if you don't like the holiday, how can you resist red velvet cake? Yum!