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This week has been stressful to say the least. School is picking up at an alarmingly fast rate now, which is to be expected but I find myself getting overwhelmed just looking at my class schedules and trying to not procrastinate so much (which is so much easier said than done!) And in the midst of that, throwing in job hunting is not really ideal right now. But that’s the way it’s going.. don’t they say “just roll with the punches” or something like that? Well I am certainly rolling with them.
And to help cope,  I’m looking for some stress relievers. So far I have…

Eating ice cream (but too much indulgence often leads to self loathing, and results in more stress..damn! )

Going for a jog, in my case an indoor elliptical jog, since its been hanging around the single digits lately..brrrr. Not as fulfilling as running through nature, but discovery channel has some great shows to keep you entertained while you you work out! (I swear I could watch cash cab for hours.)

Skyping with a friend who lives afar. My best girl friend lives in San Diego, and her crazy spontaneous personality often rubs off on me via video chat and lifts my mood.

Venting. The receivers of the vent might not be ready to hear every problem under the sun, but just voicing your big irritation/problem/inconvenience at that moment can really make you feel sooo much better. (Note: vent in moderation, otherwise constant bitterness could result!)

A bubble bath. Self explanatory. I’m lacking a bathtub currently, so nice steaming showers can often do the trick, especially with your favorite music playing on your iPod speakers. (I rock out to country thank you very much.)

BLOG! (I’m feeling better already) Or write in a journal. Writing can change everything.

Do something special with your significant other. A date night, a movie night, a lay on the couch and literally do nothing night. I feel that your significant other can help you forget about your stresses, even for just a little while. And sometimes, that’s all we need. In my case, a nice phone call hearing his jokes and his laugh is the perfect remedy 🙂

Facing your stresses. All those little things just nagging at you, weighing you down, making you fear the light of day? Just face them. Knock out that paper, or send in that resume, or try and pay those bills! It’s the most frightening stress reliever, but often the longest lasting.

Plan a girls night (or guys night!) Just go out with your buddies, your gals, whoever, and do what you do best. Go get your nails done, see a chick flick, make girly cocktails and watch Gossip Girl, whatever floats your boat! Social interaction does wonders.

Trust yourself. Our worries come and go, even though it feels like they’ll stay with us forever and beyond. Trust that things will get resolved one way or another, through time passing or other means. It looks bleak now, but try and trust that you will get through it.

-My biggest reliever, taking things a day at a time. No need to get flustered over what’s happening next week. (unless its a huge project, those things should probably be acknowledged a little ahead of time) Just try and find those ways to make this day the best it can be.

So hang in there. Today is tough, but tomorrow will be better.

And feel free to leave your own stress relievers for myself and fellow readers!

A pretty picture of Wyoming..so relaxing...right? 😉