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We all need to learn to make the most out of what we have at the moment. Sometimes we (and by we, I’m hoping it’s not just myself : ) ) tend to think in terms of what we don’t have. Some classic lines out of my brain are “I don’t have my best friends here.” or “I don’t have my boyfriend here.”, and even “I don’t have the sunny warm days in January anymore.” These are so negative and so pessimistic, I can’t stand it. But my mind produces them anyways just to piss me off I guess, and probably to work harder too.

It’s a work in progress, but now I’m trying to tell my brain to shut it! And turn those thoughts around into new opportunities. Because I don’t have my best friends here, I will go out and get involved and make some new ones. Unfortunately my boyfriend can’t be here, but I can still find other things to keep me happy (like making those new friends of course). And even though I won’t see a 70 degree day for another four months or so, I can still enjoy the ski resort by my house and can rock my P-coat with many awesome scarves and stylish beanies for a while longer.

I think it’s all about perspective as well. While some things might be bothering me at the moment, in the scheme of things, they can and most likely will change, and other obstacles will take their places.  Having the right mindset will make or break you when the glass is always seeming to be half empty. If you tell yourself you won’t have a good time at that get together, or you won’t end up meeting a new friend, chances are that you really won’t.  I remind myself all the time to think the most positively that I can. I will get that internship I’m applying for! I will do good in my first intramural dodgeball game! (yikes, still scared about that one :p ) I will meet more friends whose company I genuinely enjoy! Just writing it out makes me feel optimistic! ( and the exclamation points help too!)