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Three more weeks till I visit sunny San Diego!
We have already been apart for two weeks, and the time started off inching by, but now it seems to be going much faster : )

I remember the first visit we had after our first few weeks together. It had been about a month and a half since we had seen each other. Everything felt so new and exciting, but not being able to see each other during that period was really difficult. We still had so much to learn about each other and we wanted to spend as much time together as humanly possible. He was in Kentucky for training and had a 4 day leave on Valentines weekend (romantic? oh yes) The anticipation was killing both of us, and the trip was an expensive one for him so we wanted to make sure every moment was perfect and amazing. The weeks turned into days and then finally it was THE day.

He flew in to Salt Lake City at about midnight, exhausted after all day traveling, but we were both beyond words happy to see each other. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and it felt so good just to have him hug me again and be mine.

The next morning, we both woke up feeling a little funky. I felt sick, or just not quite right, and so did he. We decided to take a walk through campus on that foggy Saturday morning to get some fresh air. Even feeling sick, it was great just to walk hand in hand and talk about our lives and laugh and bask in each others’ company. We tried to eat some bagels for breakfast but we couldn’t seem to stomach it. The rest of the day we decided to lay low in my dorm room and watch movies and snuggle. It turned out to be a really great day even as we felt plagued by something.

As a nice surprise, he bought us a hotel room for Sunday, Valentines day, so we could celebrate and be downtown enjoying his visit. I felt like a queen! We went to see a movie, and were planning on going to dinner afterwards, but we STILL weren’t even remotely hungry as our unknown illness continued to make us feel tired and weird. It was still a great day, despite that. We were so in love and I was so happy to have him with me that even if we were sick, at least we were together.

On our last day  we drove up to Park City and enjoyed the freshly falling snow and the historic main street. We were starting to feel a little better, but still nowhere near normal (so unfair!!) Regardless, we had a ball and enjoyed everything as best we could. When it was time to bring him back to the airport, I felt crushed.  Our four days flew by so fast, and now we had to wait another six weeks to visit again. (That feeling is a familiar one.)  But at least we had that weekend 🙂

He would fly back to Kentucky to train for another month and a half before returning to California, and I already missed him as soon as I turned back towards the parking lot.
We laugh at how our visit kind of turned into a train wreck, but we wouldn’t take it back for anything. And we knew there would be plenty more visits to make up for it : )

It’s nice to stroll down memory lane and laugh about the funny things and smile at the lovely things. That’s all you really can do in a long distance relationship, just remember all of the amazing times and keep chugging along to get to the next one. It really makes you appreciate your partner so much more, your time together, your love, and how sweet it is to be with them again. Simple as it should be.