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My mom is one of the wisest people I have ever known. She has his been through many more life experiences than I have (obviously) and when she senses my naive-ness (which is often I’m sure) she tries to steer me in the right direction. I was having a bad day not too long ago, thinking oh my life is horrible, I don’t have anything that makes me really happy here (drama queen? sometimes.) So she sat me down and told me to think about three things every day that I am happy about. I take it as a loose interpretation, like it could be three things that I’m looking forward to, things that didn’t go wrong that day, or things that just made me smile. I started doing this and Ā I think she’s on to something. It just helps to remind ourselves that when things are not perfect or even ideal, there is still a little brightness there somewhere, you just have to look sometimes.

My three things vary widely. It’s things like “I got an A on that test!” or “That new ice cream in the freezer is my new favorite!” or “That one country song came on the radio and reminded me of a funny memory with me and my boyfriend”. And even the smallest things like that can make the day better just by acknowledging that they happened. There was even one that’s bizarre but still makes me smile. I went on a walk with my beloved dog (which is one of my three things today!) and we went by this house in my neighborhood after a really cold spell, like in the negative temperatures at night, and the house had a giant icicle that went from roof to the ground. I thought it was so unique and cool, took a picture, and went on my merry way.

A really funny picture of my funny dog.

The most random things, you’ll see when you think about it, can really make a tough situation or a bad day much easier and positive : )

My three things today?

-It is the most sunny beautiful day today, and walking the dog in it will be lovely (two things, but what’s wrong with picking more than three? šŸ™‚ )
-It’s almost Friday!
– Skiing should be great this weekend.

What are your three things?